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Hi All!

I'm Tracey O’Connell (she/her/hers)- the BOLD™ course leader.

BOLD™ is a Courage Building Program for Adolescents/Teens/LGBTQ+
(and their parents, too!)

BOLD™ is an acronym which stands for:

live Brave. be Original. Love big. Dare greatly.
The course explores the concepts of trust, values, vulnerability, self-compassion, empathy, shame, and resilience.

I'm very excited to go through this program with teens (and often their parents, too!) helping them gain the courage to show up more boldly, and authentically in everything they do. The goal is to be able to be more comfortable with self and others.

I'm passionate about this work as it sets a powerful foundation for the development of happy and emotionally healthy adults.

This will not be group/individual therapy, as I am not a therapist. Rather, this work provides a safe place to discuss what it’s like to be them, what gets in the way of showing up as themselves, and how to build resilience around the setbacks we all encounter in life.

This program was devised by the Brené Brown Education & Research Group. The curriculum is about vulnerability, shame, self-compassion, and identity. Together, we build vocabulary of feelings so we can express ourselves, ask for what we need, set healthy boundaries around what’s ok and not ok, and not betray our true selves. It’s ultimately about creating and living lives of deep integrity.

*We typically meet for one hour every other week, typically for a total of 14 sessions, but the curriculum can be adapted to meet for fewer than 14 sessions if needed/desired. Can also do day-long or weekend intensives.

This work can be done on an individual or group basis. Group size limit is 10 participants. 

The cost per session/course depends on the size of the group.

Please reach out to me with any questions as they arise.

Thank you for trusting in me to help teens build trust in themselves. Self-trust is a deeply valuable asset.

I promise to take good care of them and to release them as bolder, more authentic versions of their truest selves.


*All coursework is proprietary and trademarked and is not to be shared.