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Have more joy in life by

strengthening connection

with self & others



Podcasts & Interviews

KevinMD podcast: “We can’t escape shame. But don’t despair, dear reader, because shame resilience can be cultivated." 

Doctor Me First podcast: Raw conversation with Dr. Errin Weismann. This episode is seriously a masterclass on how to approach finding balance and
love for yourself and your work! 

Let Pleasure Be the Measure podcast with Pasha Marlowe, Therapeutic Comedy/Pleasure/ADHD Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, & podcaster; learning from LGBTQ+ youth; how judging others ("othering") limits the richness of a full life experience. 

Life designer and ICF-certified life coach, Katie Umbdenstock, and I talk about about emotions vs. moods, with tools/strategies to free ourselves from our own heavy feelings, so we can move forward. For good.

KevinMD podcast: "...not everyone who needs help living through this crisis (or pre-coronavirus life) is mentally ill or needs a diagnosis in order to qualify for guidance and support."

As medical professionals we are burdened with an incredible number of expectations, which can often make us feel like we’re not good enough or that we don’t belong. 

HealthBite podcast with Dr. Adrienne Youdim, author of Hungry for More; we talk about how both tender and fierce self-compassion can change your life.

DoctorMeFirst podcast with Dr. Errin Weisman; we talk about life in radiology, leaving our traditional jobs, coaching and rediscovering enchantment.

Physician Wellness Lounge podcast with Dr. Yashoda Bhaskar; what happens when you leave a career in medicine?

Informal chat with incomparable SiriChand Khalsa, MD about our early forays into traditional medical practicesand when we "knew that something just wasn't right" about the careers we chose.

Right Brain Rounds podcast with Dr. Corinna Muller; addressing the common misconception that physicians have to become stoic in order to survive the stressors.

Author, Elizabeth Trinkaus, invited me to her podcast to talk about how my two+ decades as a radiologist was a path that was not in alignment with my deepest, most authentic self.


Published Articles

"Did you choose medicine because you loved it or because you couldn’t love yourself
if you didn’t?" 

"While I ravenously devoured all things Brené to share with others, I kept coming up against a vague, silent barrier. I could define a wholehearted life, but I couldn’t live it." 

" the end of the day, at the end of our lives, what matters is our relationships, with each other, with our patients, and with ourselves. In present day, in present circumstances, what role is the hierarchy playing anyway? How are the power structures helping?"

" order to come out intact, healthy and whole on the other side of this pandemic, we're going to have to build our emotional intelligence and learn how to be vulnerable again.

"I went into medicine with my eyes wide open, and yet, I was not prepared for the emotional toll that the career would take on me." 

"Maybe my story makes you cringe? Maybe even just reading my story fills you with shame for me? Sometimes just hearing about others’ vulnerabilities and shame is too much."

"In the aftermath of this crisis, will we show up differently to save ourselves?"

"Given the social capital that comes with being a doctor, it may surprise you to learn that we’re masters of shame."

"Now that healthcare providers are universally disempowered, where will they regain their compassion skills? ... Who will grant them permission to care for themselves and meet their deepest needs?"

"And so it goes, many of the world’s most talented contributors are tortured souls."

YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel

On this channel, with 50+ videos, I share the tools and strategies that helped me cope with and overcome my own struggles with perfectionism, resentment, anxiety, depression, parenting, marriage, work, oppression, illness, and all other things stressful.

"I worked for more than 2 decades as a physician before leaving that career to pursue a more authentic path to fulfillment. This radical departure ultimately led me to become a personal development coach and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator of Brené Brown's program for helping teens and professionals."

"What if you focused on how you want to feel rather than how you don't?"

"Understanding responses to shame and the way shaming experiences remain in our bodies long after the inciting event, gives permission to feel and to heal."

"...we seek connection because it feels good. It feels best when the connections are genuine, made when we are being who we actually are, in a relaxed state, without effort."

"Over time, the need to be in control actually leads to isolation, loneliness, exhaustion, mistrust, and feelings of being even more overburdened and frustrated."

"If it seems like all mole hills are turning into mountains, this "framing" technique REALLY helps to deal with your emotions during these intense and historically difficult times."


References & Resources

These are recordings I made of affirmations to manage stress, with and without music. The affirmations were originally written by Belleruth Naparstek.

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