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"Writing is unpacking. Ummm . . . It's a literal release. The act of putting it on the page and we visually see it. All of a sudden makes us have an objective view of ourselves and what's on our mind. That objective view- it sort of allows the third eye to open up. So, the page, a journal, can be a best friend to us and uh . . . one that we should keep. . . keep close and tend to 'cuz it's a best friend that can really help us out."


Transform Your Health: Write to Heal™


This is a 6-week* expressive writing course that I'm deeply honored to lead. As a participant in this program in 2017, I credit expressive writing with helping me heal from my own significant emotional experiences, leaving one career, and essentially starting a new life.

*Course can also be adapted as a weekend intensive or other format. Can be used 1:1 or in a group setting.

Each week, we’ll focus on a different aspect of cultivating resilience and healing. You're invited to write about the aspects of a particular situation or incident that’s happened in your career or personal life that’s been most challenging for you.

The supplies you'll need:

  • Dedicated notebook

  • Favorite pen

  • Timer

  • 1-1.5 hours a week (can be split up for each prompt or as desired)


The tools we will use include:

Expressive writing, transactional writing, poetic writing, affirmative writing,

legacy writing, and mindful writing.

Each week will include 3-5 different prompts. All of your own writing will remain confidential.

We will meet by video-conference on Zoom three times during the six weeks to explore the concepts and prompts more in depth, and allow you to get more out of this experience.

Some of the benefits of intentional writing:

  • Creates vision and sets intentions

  • Clarifies values

  • Stimulates thinking that leads to insights and understanding

  • Changes perspective and perception

  • Facilitates mindfulness practice

  • Expresses and defines readiness to change

  • Clarifies importance and builds confidence

  • Removes obstacles to build confidence and resilience

  • Measures progress

  • Encourages staying on track

  • Affirms strengths

  • Communicates and builds gratitude, empathy, and compassion

  • Creates and supports joy and opportunities to flourish


This recent article in Harvard Business Review further touts the power of expressive writing:

Cost of the program depends on structure of course, independent or with facilitator discussion, online vs. in-person, number of participants, and audience.

**All coursework is proprietary & trademarked. It is not to be shared or distributed.

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