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Fostering Positive Self-worth &

Sustainable Well-being with

Physicians, Teens, & LGBTQ+


Published Articles

American College of Radiology Bulletin goes below the surface to examine bullying/gaslighting in radiology, how it shows up, and how it needs to be handled.

Medscape Article in which Tracey O'Connell, MD maintains that working part-time is an excellent strategy for sustaining one's personal well-being as well as creating sustainable and healthy work environments for the long game.

In medical culture, anger and sadness come up daily — we’re only human, after all — but our conditioned emotional responses for survival there are antithetical to inborn, evolutionarily favorable emotions outside of medicine.

"While I ravenously devoured all things Brené to share with others, I kept coming up against a vague, silent barrier. I could define a wholehearted life, but I couldn’t live it." 

" the end of the day, at the end of our lives, what matters is our relationships, with each other, with our patients, and with ourselves. In present day, in present circumstances, what role is the hierarchy playing anyway? How are the power structures helping?"

Who did you become when you loved your medical career more than you loved yourself? Did you choose medicine because you loved it or because you couldn’t love yourself if you didn’t?

" order to come out intact, healthy and whole on the other side of this pandemic, we're going to have to build our emotional intelligence and learn how to be vulnerable again.

"I went into medicine with my eyes wide open, and yet, I was not prepared for the emotional toll that the career would take on me." 

"In the aftermath of this crisis, will we show up differently to save ourselves?"

"Given the social capital that comes with being a doctor, it may surprise you to learn that we’re masters of shame."

Medscape Article where Tracey O'Connell, MD, recalls her radiology residency in the early to mid-90s, when radiologists were integral to the healthcare team.

"Maybe my story makes you cringe? Maybe even just reading my story fills you with shame for me? Sometimes just hearing about others’ vulnerabilities and shame is too much."

"And so it goes, many of the world’s most talented contributors are tortured souls."

"Now that healthcare providers are universally disempowered, where will they regain their compassion skills? ... Who will grant them permission to care for themselves and meet their deepest needs?"

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