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Fostering Positive Self-worth &

Sustainable Well-being with

Physicians, Teens, & LGBTQ+

YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel

On this channel, with 50+ videos, I share the tools and strategies that helped me cope with and overcome my own struggles with perfectionism, resentment, anxiety, depression, parenting, marriage, work, oppression, illness, and all other things stressful.

"I worked for more than 2 decades as a physician before leaving that career to pursue a more authentic path to fulfillment. This radical departure ultimately led me to become a personal development coach and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator of Brené Brown's program for helping teens and professionals."

"What if you focused on how you want to feel rather than how you don't?"

"Understanding responses to shame and the way shaming experiences remain in our bodies long after the inciting event, gives permission to feel and to heal."

"...we seek connection because it feels good. It feels best when the connections are genuine, made when we are being who we actually are, in a relaxed state, without effort."

"Over time, the need to be in control actually leads to isolation, loneliness, exhaustion, mistrust, and feelings of being even more overburdened and frustrated."

"If it seems like all mole hills are turning into mountains, this "framing" technique REALLY helps to deal with your emotions during these intense and historically difficult times."

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