Client Services

I work with adults & teens

to help them gain courage

to show up

more boldly & authentically

in everything they do.

I see you . . .

You're exhausted and stressed, struggling to manage tensions you feel between all of your priorities.

You know you can't be perfect but you can't get comfortable with being imperfect.

You sometimes feel out of alignment with who you are and how you're living your life.

You even wonder if you've lost touch with your Self, your soul, the most essential you. 

Using Brené Brown's curriculum and others', we prioritize you and give you tools to let go of perfectionism, what other people think, and the need for certainty. 


We help you find and experience freedom and deep joy. 

Here's the thing:


You're not powerless.


You're capable, resourceful, and whole.

​​We'll rebuild your courage so you can relax, show up as you, and feel good about yourself and your life.

I want to help you FEEL...better, so you can feel better.

All coaching is personal & confidential, carried out one-on-one, either in person in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, over the phone or online using Zoom.