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I want you to LOVE YOUR SELF AND YOUR LIFE so you can truly enjoy your kids, partner, and work again.

I see you . . .

You are exhausted and stressed as you struggle to manage the tensions you feel between your personal and professional life. You feel hopeless because you've been trying to do it ALL and it's not working. You can't be perfect but you can't get comfortable with being imperfect. The pace, intensity, and chaos of your work/home life have eroded the relationships that are most important to you, with your partner, your family, and most importantly, with your Self, your soul, the most essential you. You want to get off the hamster wheel but you can't break the inertia.

Together, we prioritize you and help you learn how to let go of perfectionism, what other people think, and the need for certainty.  We help you find and experience freedom and deep joy.

We can turn this life crisis into clarity and help you regain control of your life and what means the most to you.


You are not powerless. You are powerful, capable, resourceful, and whole, with a high-capacity for fulfillment. We will help you remember and find these things again.

​​We'll rebuild your courage and renew your lust for life.

You'll be able to rest, play and live a creative life full of hope and gratitude, calmness, and contentment. How great does that sound right now?


All coaching is personal & confidential, carried out one-on-one, either in person in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, over the phone or online using Zoom.

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