Meet Tracey

I work with adults & teens

to help them gain courage

to show up

more boldly & authentically

in everything they do.

I've spent the past 30 years studying the human body, personal and professional relationships, and striving to stay connected to my soul while living a full, complex life. 


I also spent decades thinking something was seriously wrong with me. Years and thousands of dollars in therapy allowed me to survive and appear successful on the outside, but inside, I was miserable. I didn't "belong" anywhere. I felt like an outsider among my work colleagues because I wasn't married to my job. I was actually labeled "high-maintenance" for making my home life a priority. I didn't have people in my life I could relate to. I never fully abandoned my deepest values but I spent A LOT of time in my head feeling "not good enough" as a physician, a partner, or a parent. I thought this was just baseline adulthood:  sacrifice and struggle. It wasn't until I left my high-income, high-status job and spent some quality time with myself that I realized: the solutions to my problems were inside me.


I'm going to repeat myself here for emphasis:  I strongly believe that traditional therapy and psychiatry are vital and valuable disciplines- but not everyone who needs help with life is mentally ill or needs a medical diagnosis in order to qualify for guidance. No one should have to go through life alone, literally or metaphorically.  Life is MESSY.  We need each other.

I don't believe more exhaustion, self-denial or delayed gratification are going to deliver the deep satisfaction, meaning, and positive self-worth you've been craving.


I'm here to help you FEEL...better, so you can feel better.

I trained as an integrative health coach at Duke Integrative Medicine Center and completed the Writing to Heal course with John Evans.


As a die-hard fan of Brené Brown's books and research on shame, worthiness, and vulnerability, I became a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator- (CDWF). I now use her curriculum when I coach clients individually or in groups. I work with adults and teens to help them integrate tools to have more courage and show up more boldly and authentically in everything they do.

Years ago, I attended Colorado University in Boulder (Go Buffs!) and majored in psychology. I did my medical and radiology training at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University. I worked in a radiology private practice for 16 years, spending my days in the dark, stressed-out, with very little human interaction, before leaving to heal and return to my true self.

I've been married to a great guy since 1994 and have 3 phenomenal teen/young adult kids. I love to spend time in nature, read, garden, dance, listen to music and podcasts, and let my dog remind me what really matters. I feel most at home in the natural world.

I work with adults & teens to help them gain courage to show up more boldly & authentically in everything they do.