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Positive Intelligence (PQ) 7-week program

“I'll be happy when...”


Do you have this phrase on repeat?

Ever feel like you sabotage yourself from having the life you actually want?


Me, too!

Take the Saboteur Assessment now to see who's doing this to you!

How did our habits start working against us?


At some point early in our development, we developed patterns of coping that made us feel safe.


The Judge (aka referee, inner critic) in our minds is always assessing us, others, our situation, and circumstances. The Judge is always gathering data, arriving at verdicts, like:

There’s something wrong.

You're not enough. You're not ___ enough.

You're too much.

Why can't you be like them?

When will you ever learn?

Why are other people so stupid? 

How could you be so stupid?

In response to negative self-talk and constant comparison, the parts of us who learned early on how to rescue us from the pain of living start to work against us. Although their intentions are well-meaning, these strengths become Saboteurs when their relentless, loud messages sabotage our happiness and effectiveness.


The Judge and Saboteurs may have helped us survive and brought "success" temporarily, but as we evolve, they're not helpful for growth or sustainable well-being. They're exhausting, debilitating, and unnecessary for long-term success.


Ready to transition to a path of ease and flow?


This 7-week journey utilizes the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program and app created by
Shirzad Chamine
PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive & positive psychology, & performance science, 
summarized in Shirzad Chamine's New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours


This program is short and intense, but delivers POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS.


Brilliantly organized & structured to help you train your brain to work in your favor, PQ "rewires your hard-drive," resetting the default pathway from the inner critic (Judge) & negative self-talk (Saboteurs) toward positive wisdom (Sage) and blameless discernment.


PQ radically increases self-worth and fosters sustainable well-being.

What's involved in the program?

The program can be completed on an individual basis or as a Pod of 2 to 5 participants.

Cost is $1000 per person and includes:

  • Weekly meeting with me for 7 consecutive weeks (30 minutes with 1:1 clients, or 60 minutes with Pod.)

  • Access to the PQ app for ONE YEAR with opportunity to continue in the GROW phase for 6-12 months.

  • Daily exercises in the "Mental Fitness Gym," building new mental "muscles" for a better YOU.

  • Community with others around the world who are also going through the program with you.

(GENTLE WARNING: This program is for you IF you're really ready for a deep dive to confront what's actually holding you back. If you're not ready, please be kind to yourself and wait for the right time.)

© Copyright Positive Intelligence.  No reproduction, in any form, printed or electronic, is permitted without prior written permission from Positive Intelligence.

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