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Why FertileSoul?

Hey there! Welcome to the site and the very first blog post of my life!

This venture is going to be full of firsts for me which is why I'm glad we are going through it together.

venture (ven(t)SHer):

noun- a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

verb - dare to do something or go somewhere that may be dangerous or unpleasant.

It is easier to venture into new territory when you have a "growth mindset". The positive psychology concept of a "fixed vs. growth mindset" has been getting a lot of press the past few years and illustrates how many of us experience life events:

I confess: I used to have a "fixed mindset". I grew up believing that each decision I made was critical; that there were "right" decisions and "wrong" decisions and mistakes were irrevocable and therefore, not an option. I am so grateful that a little voice inside of me (and some pivotal books and many gifted mentors) taught me to think differently, opening my mind to seeing things more flexibly and instilling in me a "growth mindset" that has changed everything for the better.

I also am a huge admirer of plants and flowers, probably for the same reason: the various ways nature deals with adversity and new challenges never fails to surprise or inspire me. Not long after a brush-fire, hurricane, or other natural disaster, native plants pick themselves up, dust off and get going. It is in their DNA. And with the right energy sources, water and fertile soil, they grow again.

With this new chapter and coaching venture, I wanted to come up with a name that captures the essence of how much potential each of us has to make the most of our limited time on this magnificent planet. Each of our souls contains the unique materials needed to set living things into motion.

A FertileSoul partnership can provide the insights, sustenance and fertile ground to help catalyze new growth in each of our lives, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.

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