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The solution is often a soul-ution.

Feeling lost? It’s been a weird few weeks for many I know. ⁣

While on vacation, I found myself connecting with people I never expected to & simultaneously feeling disconnected from those I usually feel a strong connection with. ⁣

Maybe it’s a combination of delta cases surging & summer ending while desperately craving a return to whatever “normal” is?⁣

For me, it’s been a time of confusion around my deep need for connection. ⁣

In typical “me” fashion, I’ve been doing lots of thinking. ⁣

Too much thinking. ⁣

My default behavior when things are chaotic or “off” is to spend a lot of time in my head analyzing & strategizing, trying desperately to return to what’s familiar & predictable as soon as possible. ⁣

It’s my lifelong Controller, promising she can fix everything & soothe me. ⁣

If you’re someone who also does this, then you already know it doesn’t work. Maybe you’ve also noticed that it annoys those around you since nobody likes to be controlled. ⁣

When I don’t feel connected to others, or I feel like I don’t belong, I’m triggered back into the belief that I’m not enough. That I’m not worthy of attention or love. ⁣

It may take me a little time to remember that I already know what that feeling signifies:⁣

I don’t have meaningful connection to myself. ⁣

While I still head up into my thoughts initially when I notice this happening, or phone a friend for reassurance, I’m getting better at remembering the most potent cure:⁣

I need to be alone. ⁣

Once alone, I do one of these 4 things, maybe several at once:⁣

1. Go outside⁣

2. Move my body⁣

3. Write to myself longhand everything in my head until I’ve filled 3 notebook pages of paper⁣

4. Listen to music, ideally songs I know all the words to so I can sing along⁣

5. Read⁣

All these things connect me to my soul. ⁣

If you’re thinking, ‘That must be nice but I don’t have time for any of those’ maybe you would if you got out of your own head? ⁣

You have different needs & different “soulutions” that work for you. Prioritize whatever connects you to your soul. ⁣

Practice it. Make it a habit. ⁣

People & pandemics come & go, but your soul will never betray you. ⁣

Keep seeking within.⁣

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