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Picture that shows all emotions are normal

Hey there, good person having a hard time:

Tired of feeling 
lonely, negative, or out of place?

Yearning for more joy in your life?

There's a solution:

Strengthen connections 
with yourself and others

More confidence

Gain self-trust & courage to show up
more boldly & authentically
in everything
you do

Less anxiety

Find ease of being
by letting go of

perfection &
the need for certainty,

so you feel better, physically
& emotionally

More connections

Create meaningful relationships with
people who
like you for who
you really are

Coaching helps us learn more about ourselves
Books can build confidence and self-trust

Show Up, Be Seen, Live Brave™

Your bright future is waiting for you ...

Here's how it works:

Three steps to feeling MORE JOYFUL:

1. Schedule an Appointment

We'll meet, determine if coaching or writing is the best next step, & answer all your questions. Your initial consultation is free.

2. Get a Customized Plan

You deserve a personalized plan that meets your specific needs—& affordable options that fit your budget & schedule. 

3. Feel less lonely, less negative, less out of place and MORE JOYFUL.

Together, we'll figure out what you really want, what's missing, & what's getting in the way. You'll stop feeling self-conscious & start feeling more confident & alive again!

*All coaching is personal & confidential, carried out over the phone, or online using Zoom.

Coaching is a partnership for building self-trust


“I learned from Tracey's course how to take care of myself, find people in my life who love me for who I am, & set boundaries with others. We're all humans. We need to take care of ourselves. Being myself then brought people into my life that love me for who I am - through the concepts of being brave, being who you truly are, living original & proud of yourself & your story, love big, say what you mean. I'd recommend this work to others because through it I've learned to truly embrace my imperfections. ” 

- 16 year old teen client

Show Up, Be Seen, Live Brave™

Your Best Life Starts Here

a person who feels scared or nervous

Do you feel like you're alone?

Most people feel insecure about something. It's when you're self-conscious about who you are & how you feel that it can all be too much. It can be confusing to feel "not enough"

&  "too much" at the same time.


You can certainly continue trying to manage the tensions you feel between all of the "shoulds"  &  "ought-tos" on your own.


What if it could be easier? And a lot more fun?

a person who is nervous
a person who is self-assured

Show Up, Be Seen, Live Brave™

Meet Tracey

I've spent the past 30 years studying the human body, parenting, developing personal &  professional relationships, &  striving to stay connected to my soul while living a full, complex life. I also spent decades thinking something was seriously wrong with me. Anxiety ruled my life.

After years of therapy & my sometimes delirious quest for meaning, it was remarkable how much I'd learned about self-healing. By experiencing my own transformation through the methods I now teach, I'm able to pass on such insights & healing practices to others, elevating how they feel about themselves, & celebrating with them as they express their own unique way of belonging to the world.

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